... and on the 63th day ... 50th day of pregnancy Size of embryo is about 9 cm, size of just the head is 2 cm. We  can see on the photo the head and back and legs of the puppy.  Mother becames bigger and bigger, she can’t eat well, because  of the small place of stomach, and she has labouring breath.  43th day of pregnancy US picture on the 35th day of pregnancy Size of embryo is about 6 cm.   In this time bones and muscles of the fetus frame well.  We can see more changes on the mother, she becames bigger,  her underbelly is growing, breasts are turgid, behavior is calmer,  movement is watchful. In this time size of embryo is 2-2,5 cm. Insides of the embryo  frame well in the first trimester. We can’t see big changes on the  mother’s formality, behavior a little bit change she becames  more greedy... Birth US picture on the 28th day of pregnancy Wonders of birth - in pictures