“You can live without a dog, but why?” I want to transform János Déri’s words, to it: “You can live without a Great Dane, but why?” “Everybody, who gets to know this breed, She will fall in love with them. I did it, as well. In 1999 Óriás Mandy “Bessie” arrived to our home, and since than we can’t break away from the Great Dane. The ‘”work” started as a hobby, but I wanted to know everything about them, so I executed /The University of Szeged agricultural branch, upgrade with Kynologia, profession of animal husbandry/ Our kennel based on Bessie. We have chosed the greatest board to her at first and many of their puppies have won the Junior Champion title. Her daoughter, Abigail extended our kennel who won the Junior Champion title in 4 countries. Later Abigail reedemed our hopes, and she gave birth to the B litter of Luxor kennel. From this litter, Baileys chose us. Her results in shows gave reason to our pride, she won JCH in lot of countries. We were search a lot to find our new female, Origami del Piccolo Jigo, who can bring a new bloodline to us. She arrived at autumn of 2009. We waited her to give a life to the litter C of Luxor kennel in February of 2011. The intention of our dogs, is not just the elegant, engaging looking, but it must contain the ususal character of Great Dane. They are the perfect family members! Of Course, the behavior is not just depend on the quality of inherited nervous system, but it influenced by the factor of enviroment. With the insurrance of the suitable bases, our dogs can be perfect dogs, and we find a real friend in them. If you want to meet with our dogs, we wait for you with love onto a kennel visit! Barbara Berenczei About us About us